States and Capitals Worksheets

Learn about the 50 states, capitals, flowers, animals, bird, trees and so much more with these free printable States and Capitals Worksheets. These printables are perfect for elementary age children learning about the 50 states. Print them off for free and have fun!

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Can you name all 50 states AND their capitals? I know I’ve got the states down, but man I think it’d be pretty difficult for me to name all of the capitals. Maybe it’s something I should’ve practiced more as a kid! So, I love that I can help my kids learn all 50 states and their capitals with these printable states and capitals worksheets!

These fun United States geography worksheets aren’t really work at all! Your kids will get to name the state capital, write the postal abbreviations for the name of the state, and then color 5 different pictures and name them. A great way to learn about the differences and unique qualities between all of the 50 great states of the U.S.A!

I love giving my kids educational worksheets that don’t even seem like they’re work. It seems like the 4th grade or 5th grade is a popular age to teach about the United States geography.

Things like these USA states and capitals worksheets, snowman multiplication facts worksheets, and fall alphabet worksheets making learning exciting and fun. It’s a great way to keep them busy while teaching them things they need to know, or just giving them a bit of extra practice on certain topics. Learn all about the 50 states with these fun, and free, printables!

Why You’ll Love these Free Printable States and Capitals Worksheets

  • These worksheets are great for all ages! For the kiddos who can’t read or write yet, just label each thing for them and then they can do the coloring. Older kids can complete the whole worksheet on their own.
  • Since there are 50 worksheets, this is a great way to occupy time. You can use these over the course of a long stretch of time, or use in a few days. The options are totally up to you!
  • The best part about this activity — it’s completely free! Just use the coloring supplies that you have on hand, print out each page, and have a blast. The best thing when you’re on a budget.

Supplies Needed

Complete your worksheets for states and capitals with success with just a few common school supplies. A few of my favorites are:

  • Twistable crayons – Regular crayons work too, but if you’re in the market for some new crayons I cannot recommend these enough! They’re sturdy and last forever, and you can use them for so many different crafts.
  • Colored pencils – If crayons aren’t your thing, then grab some colored pencils instead. These work super well.
  • Pencils – You will need a pencil or a pen to answer the questions on each page.

How to Use States and Capitals Worksheets

These free printable worksheets are great for classroom use, homeschool use, and simply for a fun activity time.

For classroom use, you can either give each student a different state or give each student the same state! You could actually use these all year long as you learn about each of the 50 states. They’d be great to use for a project about the States too! Each student can receive a state, fill out the page, and make a presentation about the state they just learned about. Oh, and add on the U.S. Presidents worksheets to learn more about the nation too!

Homeschool moms and dads will love this too! It’s a great activity for independent learning, as well as guided lessons. Whichever you choose, your kids will love to color these pictures and learn more about each state.

Tips for the MOST Fun!

  • Who says that you just have to color the pictures? Feel free to use fancy colors, markers, or pens and even add glitter or other fun things to each picture!
  • If you do not have a home printer, check with your local library. They often have printing services that are very affordable or even free. You can also check your local office supply store!
  • Have kiddos who don’t know their letters super well just yet? Take a pen and fill in each blank with dotted letters. Then they can use their pencil or crayon to trace each letter, sound out the word, and learn the name of each state symbol!

I hope you have a blast learning, creating, coloring and exploring! These 50 states worksheets are so much fun. Grab these State Capitals Worksheets and and have fun learning about the United States of America. Add in these worksheets about the National Parks for even more learning excitement.

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