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Grab these free printables that will help students learn all about the National Parks! Each National Parks Worksheet has a page for them to record interesting facts, city, size, native plants, wild life, trees, history and more! These are the perfect supplement with your National Park curriculum or when you are visiting your favorite National Parks.

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Have you ever visited a National Park? If you have, then you know how incredibly beautiful they are! These gorgeous locations are treasures to the United States. So, having some really fun National Parks worksheets are a great way to teach your kiddos about why these places are so important. They can learn the history of each park, fun facts about them, where they are located, and learn about the native wildlife and environment at each park.

These worksheets that are all about national parks would actually be perfect to pair with our States and Capitals worksheets resource as well. You could easily make a lesson about a certain state, it’s interesting features and geography, and then introduce a national park located within that state! Kids would be engaged the whole time since these free resources are really fun to color and fill out. Meaningful learning doesn’t have to be a super elaborate plan. Simple printables like this National Parks worksheet pdf are incredibly useful and helpful!

Why You’ll Love these National Parks Printable Worksheets

  • If you are a teacher, these national parks printable sheets are wonderful easy prep sub plans. In fact, it’s a great emergency sub plan too! You can last minute throw together a reading passage about each park and have the guest teacher read it and hand out worksheets for the students to complete.
  • This freebie packet doesn’t cost you anything. It’s an instant digital download and then you can use them however you want!
  • Take a virtual field trip with these worksheets. Show videos about each park, read a book about them, or show really nice pictures. Then send the kids on a research “field trip” to learn all about that state park.

Supplies Needed

  • Printer – You will need a way to easily print off however many worksheets you want. There are 19 in total. If you do not have a printer, you can check with your local library or office supply store because they may have printing services that you can use.
  • Printer paper – If you want these worksheets to be a bit more sturdy, feel free to print them out on white cardstock. Otherwise, you can use plain computer paper to print the free national parks worksheets.
  • Coloring supplies – You’ll need some coloring supplies to color a few different things on each page. We love twistable crayons, but regular crayons and even colored pencils are great options to use.
  • Writing supplies – Grab a pencil or a pen to write down all of the information for each national park!

How to Use All About National Parks Printable Worksheets

Once you download the free bundle of easy worksheets, there are many different ways you could use them. There are a few different books that would be great to pair with these worksheets:

  • National Parks A to Z: Adventures from Acadia to Zion! by Gus D’Angelo
  • National Parks: A Kid’s Guide to America’s Parks, Monuments, and Landmarks by Erin McHugh
  • National Geographic Kids National Parks Guide USA Centennial Edition by National Geographic Kids

You could even show episodes of National Geographic shows that focus on the national parks. This is a great activity to do around Earth Day as well and teach how the National Parks are part of a conservation effort to preserve beautiful sights around the USA.

There are so many ways to use these free worksheets!

Tips for the Most Fun with National Parks Printables!

  • From Yosemite to the Great Smoky Mountains, there’s no shortage of incredible sites when it comes to National Parks. So express that in the way that you complete these worksheets! You can use fun supplies, stickers, and colors to make these pages extra fun.
  • Instead of just naming the native plants, trees, wild life and physical features, have your students draw them instead. It will let their creativity shine!
  • Taking a trip to one of these National Parks? Then make a binder of fun printable worksheets like these National Park pages. Use a three hole punch and fill a binder and be sure to pack coloring and writing supplies!

Enjoy learning all about National Parks with these great worksheets!

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