Thanksgiving Ten Frames Worksheets

Grab this set of free printable Thanksgiving Ten Frames Worksheets that are perfect for your kindergarteners! Four different worksheets to help children learn ten frames in a fun, Thanksgiving theme worksheet.

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Boy, does math get a bad rap for being difficult and boring. But maybe we’re just looking at it the wrong way. Because when you work on math with printables like these Thanksgiving ten frames worksheets, it’s a whole world of fun! It’s the same reason I love these Valentine’s Day skip counting worksheets and snowman multiplication facts worksheets. When you make math fun, it’ll stay fun!

Not to mention, these free printable ten frames worksheets are a great way to throw together a simple activity during the holiday break. If the littles are bored, then sit them at table with these worksheets and a Thanksgiving activity packet and they’ll be entertained for hours!

Why You’ll Love Thanksgiving Ten Frames Worksheets

  • Cutting and pasting are two activities that help refine fine motor skills. That’s always a good things!
  • Ten frames practice worksheets are an easy way to make math practice fun. Math doesn’t have to be boring, it just needs the right delivery to be jam packed full of fun!
  • This activity is completely free! Just print out each page and make sure you have the other supplies you need.

Supplies Needed

  • Printer – Download and print all pages from these free printable ten frames worksheets. If you don’t have a printer, check with your local library to see if you can print there! You may be able to pay for affordable prints at your nearest office supply store as well.
  • Paper – Simple computer paper is all you need. But feel free to print these out on white cardstock, or even colored, if you want them to be a bit more sturdy.
  • Writing utensils – I’ve always heard that it’s best to do math work in pencil! Then you can erase mistakes without getting frustrated. However, feel free to use any writing utensils that you like best.
  • Scissors – If the kiddos want to cut out their own squares, I recommend giving them safety scissors to use. They will work just as well as regular scissors.
  • Glue – A simple school glue stick is all you need to complete this activity. But an even easier option, that is also mess free, would be glue dots!
  • Coloring supplies (optional) – As you can see, these Thanksgiving ten frame worksheets are black and white. But they don’t have to stay that way! Grab your favorite coloring supplies and color in all of the fun things on each page after you complete the math problems. We love using twistable crayons around our house! Colored pencils and markers would work great too.

Uses for Ten Frames Practice Worksheets

Math practice – It’s no secret that fall break and Thanksgiving break can be just the thing that causes kiddos to lose their momentum in math class. Sometimes, I don’t remember what I ate for dinner yesterday! So you can’t blame kids for forgetting a few math skills over a break. Helpful tools like these Thanksgiving math worksheets can be a fun way for children to practice their math skills while out of school on a holiday break. Math can’t be boring when it’s done on fun holiday-themed worksheets!

Classroom use – Teachers, do you need a fun activity to add into lesson planning? These Thanksgiving ten frames worksheets are the perfect way to make math time fun! Worksheets like these can be a great way to keep your students’ attention while they are anxious for the impending arrival of Thanksgiving break.

How to Have the Most Fun with these Thanksgiving Ten Frames Worksheets!

  • Print each page on a different color of paper or cardstock, and make them all fall colors! Colored paper always makes things a bit more fun.
  • Use glittery pens or fun colored markers to write your answer to each math equation. I know that even as an adult, writing tasks are much more fun when I have my favorite writing utensils. So these worksheets are bound to be extra fun with a cool pen or marker.
  • Make a delicious snack like turkey cupcakes to eat after completing all of the worksheets. A sweet treat for a wonderful job well done!

Math made fun, in a simple and easy activity! There’s no downside to these free Thanksgiving math worksheets!

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