Scarecrow Craft

Easy Scarecrow Craft made with wooden craft sticks is the perfect fall kids craft! These cute little scarecrows are easy to make with household craft supplies. An easy and fun fall activity for the kids.

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Scarecrow craft made out of popsicle sticks

This scarecrow craft for kids is so much fun to make! I love that this little scarecrow craft has so much character. It would be the perfect craft to make while you’re reading through The Wizard of Oz as your nighttime book!

Popsicle stick scarecrows are a great group craft since craft sticks come in large batches. And if you have any leftover popsicle sticks, save them and make this Grinch Popsicle Stick Craft at Christmas time!

Why You’ll Love this Scarecrow Craft

  • This fun activity uses is really affordable and uses many products that you can purchase in bulk.
  • Kids of all ages will have fun making this scarecrow craft!
  • Your scarecrow art can serve a dual purpose as a fun craft and decorations for fall! Hang a magnet on the back and proudly display on the refrigerator!
Scarecrow Supplies

What You’ll Need for this Scarecrow Craft

  • Wooden Craft Sticks – I used wooden craft sticks from the craft aisle of the store, but if you plan ahead you could save all of your popsicle sticks from summer and up-cycle them for your scarecrow craft!
  • Jumbo Colored Craft Sticks – If you’re unable to find pre-colored sticks, you could purchase the natural wood jumbo craft sticks and paint them.
  • Tiny Craft Pom Poms – You can generally find an assorted bag of pom poms at your local craft store, so just use the smallest poms poms our of the assortment.
  • Orange and White Construction Paper – You can use construction paper or card stock, either will work!
  • Craft Paint – You can use any non-toxic paint color you would like!
  • Scissors – If you’re making these scarecrows with younger children and they want to cut their own pieces, safety scissors will work just fine in this craft.
  • Natural Raffia or Straw – You’ve gotta be able to give your scarecrow some golden locks!
  • Paintbrush – You’ll need a small paint brush for the craft paint.
  • Glue – Any type of craft glue will work!
  • Black Marker – I used a permanent market, but a washable market will work as well.
  • Kraft Paper – This will protect your workspace from paint and glue and will make for a faster clean up!

Helpful Tools

How to Make A Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Glue: After covering your workspace in craft paper, place 7 wooden craft sticks side by side one another. Take an eighth craft stick and place glue on one side. Stick it diagonally onto the other craft sticks and let it dry.

Paint: Once dry, flip over the craft sticks and glue another stick diagonally on the front to make a hat. Once that is dry, take your paint color of choice and paint brush and paint your scarecrow’s hat.

Cut: Set aside the craft stick and let the hat dry. While you wait, take your construction paper and cut out two white triangles and one orange triangle. Then, glue the eyes and nose onto the front of the craft sticks.

Draw: Using your black marker, draw eyes, eyelashes, and a smile onto your scarecrow.

Glue: Take a few strands of your raffia or straw and glue them on the back of your scarecrow, just under the side of the hat. Then, glue on of the jumbo craft sticks on the back as a stand for your scarecrow.

Finish: Wrap up your fun scarecrow art by adding a pom pom to one side of the hat as a little decoration. Ta da! The perfect popsicle stick scarecrow!

What do I use if I can’d find raffia or straw?

You can use curling ribbon or yarn if you can’t find straw! If you’re missing other supplies, then check out this paper bag scarecrow and see if you can make it instead!

Fun Tips for the Best Scarecrow Craft

  • Add a magnet on the back of popsicle stick scarecrow and make it a fun fall refrigerator magnet!
  • Attach a piece of twine to the top and make a hanger to display your scarecrow art.
  • Pre-cut the triangles for eyes and noses to save time or make this craft friendly for younger kids!
Three scarecrow crafts in mason jars

You can never have too many fall craft ideas! These little scarecrow friends will provide so much entertainment.

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Scarecrow Craft Square cropped image

Scarecrow Craft

Quick and easy Scarecrow Craft made with wooden craft sticks makes the perfect fall kids activity!
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Servings: 1 Scarecrow Craft


  • We used craft paper to create a protective layer for the table or countertop before beginning the activity.
  • Let’s start by laying 7 wooden craft sticks side by side vertically. Take an additional wooden craft stick and layer one side with glue. Press this glued side down across all of the sticks diagonally to secure. Allow drying for at least 2 minutes.
  • Once dry, flip the previously glued wooden craft sticks over. Glue a stick slightly diagonally across the front of the wooden sticks to create a hat. Allow drying for another couple of minutes.
  • Now it’s time to paint the hat with your choice of craft paint. Allow drying for 5 minutes.
  • While the hat dries, let’s prepare the eyes and nose for the scarecrow. Cut 2 small triangles from the white construction paper for the eyes. Cut 1 small triangle from the orange construction paper for the nose.
  • Affix the eyes and nose to the face of the scarecrow with glue. Use a black marker to fill in the pupils of the eyes and make eyelashes and a smile!
  • Now let’s give our scarecrow some hair! Glue several pieces of raffia just under the hat on the back of both sides to create some hair. Allow at least 3 minutes to dry.
  • While the “hair” is drying, place a small dab of glue on a jumbo wooden craft stick and affix it to the middle of the back of the craft. Allow drying for 2 to 3 minutes. Finally, add a small craft pom pom to the hat for decoration.


  • Add a magnet on the back of popsicle stick scarecrow and make it a fun fall refrigerator magnet!
  • Attach a piece of twine to the top and make a hanger to display your scarecrow art.
  • Pre-cut the triangles for eyes and noses to save time!
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