Trace, Write and Color State Worksheets

Free Printable Trace, Write and Color United States Worksheets. These free worksheets have a place for students to trace then write the State name along with a image of the state to color. These work as a great introductory to the States for young kids!

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Do your littles love to color? Then these trace and color state worksheets would be perfect for them! Not only will they get to color each of the 50 states, but they’ll also trace and write the names, giving them ample practice on their handwriting. I love worksheets like these, and fall alphabet practice because it makes learning these necessary skills fun and not boring at all!

Whether you’re a parent looking for a simple activity or a teacher looking for educational resources to help supplement your lesson plans, these free downloads will be great for your young learners. Encourage good handwriting skills and strengthen those fine motor muscles with these worksheets.

These interactive worksheets are a really fun way to keep those littles engaged and learning. And don’t forget to check out all of my free resources of downloadable pdf files. There are resources for any grade!

Why You’ll Love Trace, Write and Color State Worksheets

  • These easy worksheets strengthen handwriting skills and fine motor skills. Both are important things that littles can use lots of practice with!
  • Print this pdf full of 50 states worksheets and grab your writing and coloring supplies. Then you have a free activity that is fun and educational!
  • Use these in a classroom setting, a daycare, or even just as an exciting activity. They are perfect for any time that you’d like to teach about the 50 states or practice handwriting!

Supplies Needed

These trace and color worksheets work on both uppercase and lower case letters! Your kiddos will need to have beginner basic reading and writing skills to complete the pages. They will also need these supplies:

  • Printer – If you do not have access to a printer, then check with your local library or office supply store. They often have printing services available to the public anytime that they are open.
  • Computer paper – Print these trace and color word worksheets on regular copy paper. Or, you could make them more sturdy by printing them on white cardstock.
  • Writing supplies – I recommend using pencils so that mistakes can easily be erased, but you an use pen or colored pencils if you want!
  • Coloring suppliesTwistable crayons are a top favorite around here, but any of you favorite coloring supplies will work. Crayons, markers, and colored pencils will all work great!

Resources to Pair with these Tracing State Worksheets

However you choose to use these trace and color worksheets, there are tons of fun things that you can pair with them! You could do reading time and then complete some pages of this printable packet, and there’s even great educational youtube videos on the 50 states. A few book ideas would be:

And don’t forget a giant map that labels each state! It’ll act as a sight word guide for your students as they complete each worksheet. You could also print out individual maps of the United States so that they have a personal map to reference to.

Pro Tips for the Best 50 States Worksheets!

  • Depending on the skill levels of your students, they may need some guidance by an adult or teacher so that they can confidently complete each worksheet.
  • Having a large, labeled state map that kids can refer to while working on these worksheets could help them to do each worksheet with less frustration and more independence!
  • There is an age group or two that don’t like writing practice, whether it’s made “fun” or not. To get them interested, institute a reward system for each finished worksheet! Being rewarded for accomplished tasks is always fun and it could get them even more interested in learning to write the name of each state.

I hope you have a blast with these easy printable worksheets! Happy teaching!

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