Learn How to Tell Time Worksheets

Learning how to tell time can be kind of tricky and boring, but with these free printable Learn How to Tell Time Worksheets kids will be engaged and easily learn how to tell time. They are perfect to use in the classroom, while homeschooling or if you child just needs a little practice while learning how to tell time.

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In our rapidly growing and changing digital age, learning to tell time may not seem all that important. But learning to read time on an analog clock has tons of different benefits. It directly correlates to math and can even help with multiplication.

Not to mention, sometimes a digital clock is just not available. Being able to tell time is important so that kids can learn the responsibility of time management no matter what clock they have around.

These free printable telling time worksheets are incredibly useful when it comes to learning how to tell time. A lot of schools teach this topic, but having extra practice that is fun and engaging is always helpful.

It’s the same reason I use states and capitals worksheets and Halloween math worksheets! Reinforcing ideas and topics that kids are learning in class will help solidify what they are being taught. So let’s get started and your kiddos will be reading those clocks like a pro in no time!

Why You’ll Love these Telling Time Worksheets

  • These learn how to tell time worksheets are completely free. Craft and activity time does not have to have a huge budget for tons of materials. Just print these pages and make sure you’ve drawing and coloring supplies.
  • There are many different worksheets so no matter how your child learns, there is something for them. If coloring helps, there are coloring pages! If writing helps, there are worksheets to write their answers!
  • You can use these worksheets in the classroom, for homeschooling, or as a fun activity. They are versatile worksheets that are loads of fun!

Supplies Needed

  • Writing utensil – I recommend using pencils so that the kids can erase any mistakes they make. However, any writing utensil that you have on hand will do.
  • Coloring supplies – Whether it’s colored pencils, twistable crayons, or markers, you’ll need some coloring supplies for a few of these worksheets.
  • Printer – You’ll need a way to print out these free worksheets. If you do not have a printer in your home, check with your local library or office supply store to see if they have printing services available for you to use.
  • Paper – Plain white copy paper is all that you need for these worksheets. However, you can make them a bit more sturdy by printing on white cardstock. You could even make them reusable and laminate them!
  • Scissors – One of the pages in these learn how to tell time worksheets is an actual clock. To use it as a learning and visual aid, cut it out and assemble the arms on the clock.
  • Brad paper faster – Use a tiny paper fastener at the center of the clock so that the arms can still move.

What’s Included in These Learn How to Tell Time Worksheets

There are multiple different worksheets in this bundle, each a unique and fun learning experience. No matter how your kid learns best, you can find a page or two that will click with their little brains and help them learn how to tell time! Here is what’s included:

  • Color the Correct Clock – This page gives them a few boxes with different times listed. Those boxes hold two clocks. They must identify which one is telling the correct time and color it in.
  • Tell the Time – For this sheet, kids will draw the hands on a clock showing the time listed.
  • What Time Is It? – With these pages, kids will identify the time they are seeing on each clock and write it in the blanks below the clocks. There are a few different variations of this method.
  • Color the Correct Time – Kids will look at the clock in each box, identify the time, then color the correct time label that is listed next to the clocks.
  • Color my Space – This is a great page for beginners or younger children still learning the basic of telling time! Children will need to identify the “space” that each number takes on the clock.
  • Printable Clock – Print out a paper clock and the arms for the clock. Assemble it and then kids can use it as a visual aid as they complete the worksheets.
  • Telling the Time – This page lists the correct vocabulary that should be used when identifying time on the clock.

Tips to Complete How to Tell Time Worksheets

  • Print the paper clock on cardstock so that it holds up to use more easily. You can even laminate it if you want!
  • To take this telling time worksheets pdf on the go, put the printed pages in a 3 ring binder. Then you can keep it all in one place and easily take it with you if needed.
  • Be ready to help younger children who are still learning the basics of telling time. While there are tons of visual aids in these worksheets, sometimes confusion still happens! Helping keep kids on the right track will keep this activity fun instead of making it frustrating.

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