Beginner American Sign Language Worksheets

These printable worksheets are a fun and educational way for kids to learn American Sign Language (ASL). Perfect for parents, teachers, and caregivers looking to introduce ASL to children. Each printable has the child, “Say It, Sign It, Color It and Write It” giving them practicing matching the letter to the ASL sign.

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Even if you don’t know sign language, these beginner American sign language worksheets are a great way to teach ASL letter recognition. Studies have shown that teaching children the basics of sign language has loads of benefits.

It helps their brain development, improves their vocabulary, increases their social skills and improves other valuable skills too. With these free resources, you can help teach your children a basic knowledge of American sign language.

After they complete the papers and learn each of the sign language letters, they can learn how to spell their name in sign language! A fun worksheet that will teach them a new skill as the learn the basic signs as building blocks of ASL. I have loads of downloadable worksheets that will teach kids all kinds of cool things. My how to tell time worksheets are the perfect way to develop the critical skill of reading a clock and keeping time.

With ASL essentially being a foreign language, you can get your children interested in this amazing way to communicate at an early age. As they each letter of the alphabet, they are gaining a basic building block into learn all of the gestures and signs used in this form of communication. Whether you’re a teacher or a parent wanting a fun activity, this awesome alphabet worksheet pdf file will be perfect for you!

Why You’ll Love these American Sign Language Worksheets

  • Use this American sign language alphabet printable in your homeschool classroom, a public school setting, or even simply as a fun activity! This language practice is exciting and engaging, so it will keep your kiddos entertained.
  • Learning different sign language symbols is a wonderful way to promote muscle development and fine motor skills. There are so many benefits to teaching a young child or a baby sign language.
  • The free sign language printables can fill your time with an affordable activity. In fact, it won’t cost you a thing at all! Once the file downloads, just print and get started.
Letter L American Sign Language Free Worksheet

Supplies Needed

  • Printer – You can print these pages one at a time and study the letters separately, or print the whole packet! If you do not have a printer at home, check with your local library or office supply store. They often have printing service available to the public and you can print these worksheet sets that way!
  • Computer paper – Print these fun worksheets on plain white computer paper or white card stock.
  • Writing utensils – You’ll need some pencils or pens to complete these American sign language alphabet worksheets. Each page shows the handshapes of asl for the alphabet and also has dotted outlines of the letters to trace.
  • Coloring supplies – Use twistable crayons, colored pencils, markers or regular crayons to color the alphabet shapes, the ASL alphabet signs and the pictures associated with the letters!

What is Included in These ASL Printables

Each page in this packet of ASL worksheets for beginners is essentially a giant sign language alphabet flash cards. The pages have big bubble letters for what alphabet letter your will be learning. You and the student(s) will say the letter and then learn to sign it.

There is also a picture of an animal on it that corresponds with the letter! For Z, it’s Zebra. For A, its Alligator, and so on. Each printable sign language worksheet also has a box where kids can trace the letter so that they are learning how to write it and sign it! Before you know it, they’ll be able sign important words and people’s names.

Pro Tips for the Best American Sign Language Printables

  • Don’t feel like you need to complete all of these American sign language worksheets all at once. In fact, I recommend you only do a few at a time. The slower that you go with these and the more you review, the more kids will retain.
  • To solidify what these worksheets are teaching, create your own fun game with a hidden message or two. Give a child a word in ASL and have them translate it through the alphabet American sign language signs they’ve learned!
  • Have patience as you teach this subject, and as you learn it. It can take time to learn, but it is so worth it once you do!

Learning American sign language hand symbols is so important. Wouldn’t it be so cool if this was the catalyst that one day allowed your children to be able to communicate with deaf children?! The more people that learn ASL, the easier it will become to communicate with everyone!

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