25+ Children’s Easter Books

Looking for books to tuck in your child’s Easter back this year? Here are over 25 of our favorite Children’s Easter Books for their baskets. Their is something for everything with flap books, sticker books, young readers and more!

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Wondering what to stick in your child’s Easter basket this year? Books are always a great option that keep giving throughout the year.

We have round up 25+ of our favorite Children’s Easter books for you! Books are a favorite way to celebrate holidays in our family.

In fact I tuck each season away and pull them out the next year which is great because the kids look forward to the “Fresh” books to read, plus I do too! It’s always fun to dig into a new season books.

Easter Bunny Flap Book

In this delightful book there are pages of cute little bunnies and flaps to raise. Lots of surprises waiting for little ones, under the flaps. What a fun book! With bright illustrations and lift a flaps!

Cute and fun Easter Bunny Flap Book

Easter Sound Book

The Easter Bunny is hiding eggs in different places! Can you spot them on each spread? Press the embedded button to hear church bells, chicks tweeting in the farmyard, and ducklings quacking on the river.

Easter book with fun sounds!

The Easter Story

The dramatic events of the Easter story sensitively retold for young children. When Jesus rides into Jerusalem he is welcomed by cheering crowds. But soon the temple priests are plotting against him… A lovely book to read together or for new readers to enjoy alone.

The Easter Story book image
Beautifully illustrated children’s book telling the Easter Story

Fingerwiggly Easter Bunnies

Little children and their grown-ups can stick their fingers through the holes to become the ears and paws of the Easter bunnies as they hop around handing out the Easter eggs. Simple rhyming text and delightful illustrations combine perfectly in an engaging interactive board book.

Fingerwiggly Easter Bunnies book image
Fun and cute Rhyming Easter book with finger puppet.

Are You There Little Bunny?

In this beautifully illustrated hide-and-seek series, children can “spot” the bunny through a hole on each page… but when they turn the page, it isn’t the bunny at all! Very young children will love searching for the elusive bunny, and all the charming details and other animals they discover along the way. Also available in Spanish!

Are you there little bunny book cover image
Ideal for 2-4 year olds!

Baby Animals

Baby Animals is part of an exciting reading series for young children, with lots of pictures and very simple, easy text.

Baby Animals book cover
Ideal for kindergarteners!

Baby Animals Flap Book

Little children will enjoy matching the baby animals to their mommies and daddies in this sweet lift-the-flap book. With warm and friendly illustrations that will appeal to the very young.

Baby Animals Flap Book Cover Image
Young kids will love turning the flaps!

Farm Animals

How do pigs keep cool? Why do farmers shear their sheep? Which farm animals live underwater? In this book you’ll find the answers and lots more facts about farm animals around the world. This book is great for ages 5 – 7 years.

Farm Animals Cover Image
AR Level 3.4 with .5 Points

Illustrated Bible Stories

A fully illustrated collection of stories from the Bible, retold for young readers. Including Joseph and the Dreams, The Story of Baby Jesus, The Easter Story, Jonah and the Whale, Noah’s Ark and more. A beautiful gift book that children will love to receive on any special occasion. It is also available in Spanish. This book is great for ages 8 and up to read on their own or younger children for parents to read to them.

Illustrated Bible Stories cover image
Stories are easy to read and understand!

How Do Flowers Grow?

This stylish, highly illustrated, interactive book is perfect for sharing with young children, and introduces science using a friendly lift-the-flap format. A great introduction to one of the fundamental themes of biology, perfect for curious young minds. Great for ages 4 and up!

How Do Flowers Grow cover image
Interactive Lift-the-flap book!

Little Lift and Look Baby Bunny

Where’s baby bunny gone now? Find the sweet fluffy bunny as she hops around discovering new friends in the meadow. Babies and toddlers will love lifting the flaps to find the animals, and find out what the bunny does all day. Meet a fluttery butterfly, a tiny mouse, and a springy lamb with the bunny, before she jumps back into her burrow to snuggle with her family. Great for one year and older!

Little Lift and Look Baby Bunny Book cover image
Chunky gate-fold flaps perfect for little fingers!

Little Stickers Bunnies

Join the busy bunnies in this book as they get ready for Easter. Whether it’s baking tasty treats for a picnic, planting colorful spring flowers, or making Easter bonnets, there are lots of exciting reusable stickers to add to every scene that are perfect for little fingers. Recommended for 3 years and up.

Little Stickers Bunnies cover image

Lucky Bunnies

The Animal Rescue Dollies have a new mission… to save the bunnies on the Wild Isle. The rabbits are trapped on a hill as all around them, floodwaters are rising fast, but just when they think they’ve rescued them all, they discover some little babies, still deep within the burrow… will they be able to save them in time? Recommended for 6 plus years. Book 11 in the book series Sticker Dollies.

Lucky Bunnies cover image
Book 11 in a great series “Sticker Dolllies”!

Play Hide & Seek with Bunny

Little children will love joining Bunny and the other woodland animals for a game of hide-and-seek in this endearing flap book. Each page has a big, satisfying flap for little fingers to lift, revealing a different animal hiding behind it. A double-flap on the last page creates a surprising ending, and the artwork is full of fun details to look at and talk about together. Great for 2+ years old!

Play Hide & Seek with Bunny cover image
Kids love finding the animals under the flaps!

Poppy and Sam and the Bunny Finger Puppet Book

In this irresistible puppet book, Poppy and Sam spot a rabbit and follow it around Apple Tree Farm. Each page has a different action for you to do with the rabbit, from sneezing in the flowers to snuggling up with the other bunnies at the end. Recommended for years 1+!

Poppy and Sam and the Bunny Finger Puppet Book cover image
Adorable finger puppet book!

That’s Not My Bunny

Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet all of the different bunnies throughout this book! Great for 9 months and up. Part of the “That’s Not My” Series.

That's Not My Bunny cover image
Tons of textures for touching and feeling!

That’s Not My Chick

Meet five adorable chicks in this delightful addition to the much-loved “That’s Not My…” series. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet chicks with soft wings, fuzzy tummies, and rough feet. Recommended for 9 months and up. Part of the “That’s Not My” Series.

That's not my chick cover image
Bright colors and textured patches!

That’s Not My Lamb

A sweet touchy-feely board book with five adorable little lambs for young children to meet. Features a tactile patch for little fingers to explore on every page, including a fuzzy back, a woolly tail, and soft ears. Recommended for 9 months and up. Part of the “That’s Not My” Series.

That's Not My Lamb cover image
Kids love to feel the textures on each page!

Happy Easter Mouse!

Join Mouse from as he goes on an Easter egg hunt! Who is hiding eggs in Mouse’s house? This adorable board book combines an engaging Easter theme with a story about colors!

This board book with sturdy pages is perfect for toddlers, who will enjoy the simple introduction to colors and counting. Each page has one or two sentences and points out a different color and number of eggs.

Happy Easter Mouse cover image
Colorful fun addition to your book collection!

Little Blue Truck’s Springtime

Beep! Beep! Little Blue Truck is out for a ride with his good friend Toad. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming—it’s a beautiful spring day! Who will they see along the way?

Open the flaps to meet all of the sweet baby animals just born on the farm. Peep! Peep!

Little Blue Trucks Springtime cover image
Kids love opening the flaps!

You’re My Little Honey Bunny

Celebrate your little honey bunny with this sweet and colorful rhyming board book! With chunky pages for little hands and die-cut shapes to add depth and interest, children will love the interactive features alongside the story of love between a parent and child. Makes a perfect gift for Easter baskets, baby showers, or any occasion. Part of the “You’re My Little” series of 12 books.

Youre My Little Honey Bunny cover image
Sturdy board book for little hands!

Construction Site: Spring Delight

It’s Easter at the construction site! As sunshine melts the snow away, the trucks discover all around them the signs of spring. Lift the flaps on each sturdy page to reveal blooming flowers, baby ducks, and gentle lambs—and a special Easter egg hunt surprise! With lovable rhyming text and heartwarming illustrations, this interactive Easter board book will bring smiles to truck lovers and their families while celebrating the beauty of spring. Part of “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” series of three books.

Construction Site Spring Delight cover image
You’re construction loving child will adore this lift-the-flap book!

Where Do Diggers Hunt for Easter Eggs

How do you celebrate Easter? Do you dress up in your Easter best? Dye eggs bold and bright? How about going to a parade? For sure! Follow diggers, cranes, cement mixers—and more—for a fun and festive day full of surprises! Children who can’t get enough of trucks will love all the books in the bestselling Where Do… series.

Where Do Diggers Hunt for Easter Eggs Cover image
If your child loves trucks they will have so much fun with this book!

God Gave Us Easter

As Little Cub celebrates Easter with Papa, Mama, and her brother and sister, she begins to ask her papa questions about this very special day of the year. Papa lovingly explains God’s plans for his children, while taking Little Cub on a memorable walk through her stunning Arctic world, and he shares how Easter came about in clear, simple terms that even the littlest cubs can understand. Part of the best selling series “God Gave Us” with 11 books.

God Gave Us Easter cover image
Kids learn why God gave us Easter!

Pete the Cat and the Easter Basket Bandit

It’s Easter morning, and Pete’s Easter basket is nowhere to be found! Who could’ve taken it? Readers will love helping Pete and his friends find the Easter Basket Bandit and learn that sharing is the sweetest gift of all! 

Pete the Cat and the Easter Basket Bandit cover image
Kids love the bright illustrations!

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story

Children will understand the real meaning behind Easter in this Berenstain Bears book. They will discover that Easter is more than candy and egg hunts as they read about the Bear cubs at Sunday school learning about Jesus’ resurrection and salvation. Part of the Berenstain Bears Light Lights Faith Stories series of 82 books.

The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story cover images
A fun way to teach kids the meaning of Easter!


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