Halloween Activity Pages

Fun, printable activities to celebrate Halloween! These free Halloween Activity Pages are so much fun for kids. Use them at parties, in the classroom or as boredom busters at home. Free printable includes a Halloween Word Search, Word Scramble, Word Challenge, Maze and Coloring Pages!

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It’s time for Halloween fun! That means parties, trick or treating and just plain enjoying a time to dress up and have fun. If you are hosting a party make sure to grab this free Halloween Activity Printables.

Halloween Word Challenge or Anagram

How many words can you make from the letters in “Jack O’ Lantern”?

This Word Challenge or Anagram is a great brain exercise. Anagrams target the cognitive areas of problem solving, reasoning, executive function, memory and vocabulary.

Plus, they are just plain fun!

Make this a competition during a party by setting a timer to see how many words participants can come up with in that amount of time. Whoever gets the most wins!

Of course, you’ll need prizes! Grab some dollar store finds and give them at as prizes to whoever gets the most words.

Halloween Word Challenge Free Printable

Halloween Word Scramble

A set of 18 words that are Halloween themed words to unscramble. Unscrambling words is great for kids. It helps with their spelling, boosts working memory, extends vocabulary and more!

Plus, it’s a great competitive activity if you are having a Halloween party for kids or adults! Make sure to grab some prizes for the winner/winners at the dollar store.

A few different ways to make it competitive is to set a timer for a certain number of minutes and whoever has the most unscrambled by the end of the time wins.

Another way to do it is to see who can correctly unscramble all of the words first!

Either way it’s a fun way to have a little competition and make it fun, yet learn at the same time.

Halloween Word Scramble Free Printable

Halloween Word Search

There’s nothing like a fun Word Search! This Halloween themed word search printable includes words like Halloween, Candy, Broom, Creepy, Ghost and more.

Make a game out of it and set your stopwatch to see who can find the most words in a few minutes or see who can finish it first!

Grab some dollar store prizes and award whoever is the fastest a prize! This would be a great idea for classrooms when kids are done with school work or a Halloween party.

Free Halloween Word Search Printable

Halloween Coloring Pages

No matter your age everyone loves to color! These fun cute and spooky Halloween Coloring pages are cute, whimsical and easy to color.

Print them out, pair them with crayons and you have an easy activity for kids, adults and everyone in between.

Don’t forget to hang them on your refrigerator to add to your Halloween decor.


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