Star Template Card stock Pencil Scissors Glue stick Contact paper, clear Tissue paper, red, white, and blue

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

First, let’s print and cut out our template. You can freehand a star to make your template if you don't have a printer.

Using the template, trace the star onto a piece of cardstock. Cut out the star.

Now cut a piece of clear contact paper slightly larger than the star. Remove the backing and place the contact paper on a flat surface with the sticky side up.

Place the star underneath the contact paper. Next, cut your tissue paper into 1-inch squares. Create your design by placing the tissue paper squares on the contact paper staying inside the star. Gently press the tissue paper onto the contact paper to secure it. 

Once all your tissue paper is in place, place a thin layer of glue on one side of the star. Place the star over the tissue paper and press to secure it. Cut off any excess around the edges.

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