Mini Hot Glue Gun Scissors Felt Fabric Sheets 2 toilet paper rolls Felt red, black and white Gold pipe cleaners String Hot Glue Sticks Glue gun Craft Hook Tool optional Scissors

Cut the red felt into 4 1/2” wide pieces.

Place a line of hot glue on each roll and place them on the outside edges of the red felt. Roll the toilet paper rolls towards the center of the felt adding a little glue at a time until they meet in the middle.

Cut the black and white felt into 1 ½” strips.

Glue the white felt towards the bottom of the binoculars and the black in the center, wrapping around until they each meet in the middle.

Next, cut the gold pipe cleaner into four 1” pieces to make the belt buckle. Secure on the black felt with hot glue.

Pierce the sides of the binoculars with the craft hook near the top to make a hole for the string.

Measure your child’s neck and cut the string at the needed length.

Finally, poke the string threw the holes on the side of the binoculars and tie the string in a knot to make a strap.

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