Brew and Broom Template Cardstock - black, green, colors of choice Markers - assorted colors White paint pen Scissors Glue stick

Begin by printing the brew and broom template. Cut out the pieces.

Trace the pot template on black cardstock. Cut out.

Next, trace two handprints on green cardstock and cut out the handprints.

Glue both handprints to the top, back of the pot.

Now, use different colored markers to draw bubbles from the boiling witches brew along the handprints.

Lastly, draw details along the top and bottom of the pot with a white paint pen.

Trace the broom template strip on the color of your choice. We used polka dot cardstock to add some fun interest.

Then, trace a handprint on black cardstock and cut.

Trim the wrist part of the handprint so that it’s more narrow. Glue the handprint to the strip.

Fold back part of the thumb and pinky fingers, so that it’s even with the broom.

Finally, cut a small strip from a scrap piece of cardstock. We used orange.

Wrap the strip around the top of the handprint. Glue in place to secure.

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