Heavy-duty construction paper, brown, red, and yellow Pencil Scissors Tissue paper, red, yellow and orange Contact paper, clear Glue stick Googly eyes, large Turkey Template

Start by printing out the turkey template and cutting it out.

Place the cut-out turkey template on top of a piece of brown construction paper and trace the outline inside and out. Cut your tracing and set aside.

Next, cut your red, yellow, and orange tissue paper into 2-inch squares. Set aside.

Take your clear contact paper and cut a piece slightly larger than the turkey. Place the turkey underneath the contact paper with the sticky side up. Fill all the negative spaces inside the turkey template with the tissue pieces.

Place some glue on the back of your turkey template and lay it over your tissue-covered contact paper.

Align the turkey so the tissue paper acts as stained glass and no gaps are showing. Cut the excess contact paper and place a book or heavy object on the turkey to secure it for a few minutes.

Cut your “beak” and “wattle” out of yellow and red construction paper using the templates provided and glue on the face.

Then, glue the googly eyes just above the beak. Allow a few minutes to dry.

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