Love Bug

Class Valentines

Wooden clothespins Craft paint Paintbrush, small Pipe cleaners Scissors Marker Eyeball stickers Rhinestone stickers M&M’s fun-size packs

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Grab a wooden clothespin and add a thin layer of paint to the front side using a small paintbrush.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the notch of the open clothespin, then twist it on the back side to secure it. Form a “V” shape with the ends of the pipe cleaner, and bend the ends of the “V” to create a slight curl on each antenna.

Grab a marker and draw a smile and add the eyeball stickers. Add the rhinestone stickers to the body for a sparkly touch!

Take a pack of fun-size M&M’s, gather them in the center, and pinch them with a clothespin. Now your Valentine’s Day Treat Love Bug is complete!

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