Colored clothespin Yarn Scissors Googly eyes Glue stick Pipe cleaners

White Frame Corner
White Frame Corner

Grab your favorite color of yarn and wrap the yarn around your fingers about 20 times. Carefully pull the yarn off your fingers and wrap the yarn around the middle several times, then snip the end of the yarn and secure it with a knot.

Now place your scissors through the previously created loops and cut them to make some wild and crazy hair.

Open the clothespin and secure it to the knot in the middle of the hair. Fluff and cut the monster’s hair to your desired style!

Using a glue stick, secure some googly eyes to the top portion of the clothespin. Feel free to be creative and use as many eyes as you want!

Take a pipe cleaner, cut a 3-inch section, and thread it through the spring of the clothespin. Bend the pipe cleaner to create movement with the arms!

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