4th of July


Small paper plates 3 Bottles of your favorite craft acrylic paint Freezer paper or trash bag   Salad Spinner Glitter Hole Punch String/Jute cord  Scissors

Place freezer paper or trash bag on work surface to help with any mess. Place your salad spinner on the freezer paper and put the paper plate in the center of the spinner.

Squeeze on desired amount of each color paint in thin lines randomly all over the plate.

Place salad spinner lid on securely and use knob to spin.

Once paper plate is covered in paint with your desired design, sprinkle glitter over paint while it’s still wet, this step is optional.

Allow paper plate(s) to air dry for 1-2 hours or speed up the process by using a heat tool or hair dryer.

Once paint is completely dry, use a hole punch to make holes at the top of the plate.

String each plate with jute cording or another type of string, tying each plate off at the hole.

Using scissors, cut the end of the cording to your desired length and hang up your 4th of July banner.

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