Boiled Eggs Fine Glitter Elmer’s Glue Paint Brush Quart Baggies Hairspray (optional)


Pour liquid glue into a small bowl, set aside. In a small Ziploc bag, pour some of each color of glitter. Do not mix the colored glitter.

Paint the liquid glue onto an egg with a paintbrush making sure to completely cover the egg.

Gently place the egg covered in glue into the bag of glitter. Roll the egg around in the glitter gently trying to avoid scraping the egg against the bag.

When the egg is covered in glitter let it lay in the bag for 2 minutes then gently remove the egg from the bag.

If there are any places on the egg that weren't covered with glitter gently apply glue in those spots, place back in the bag of glitter and repeat the process.

Spray with hair spray to set, let dry.

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